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The Council For Small Business, Inc. has a growing network of skilled professionals with the experience and depth of skills to help you understand and run your business better!

Business Start-ups -Our proven processes for start-ups will help turn your great idea into a great business. We'll help you identify (and avoid) risks, develop an organization, find the right people and learn to run your business like a pro.

Project Management -With a solid grounding in management theory, technology and the real-world; our experienced project managers know what it takes to bring your job in on time and on budget. We help you define clear, measurable goals and common-sense performance measures, so you'll always know how your project is doing.

Product Management - Whether it's managing development of new technologies, identifying key customers, or taking an existing product into a new market, we'll help you re-vitalize sagging sales, enter new markets and motivate your employees and customers.

Vendor Management -Using experience, structure and discipline, we'll make sure your vendors and sub-contractors perform to the same exacting standards that guide all the work you do! You'll have fewer problems, better relationships and, ultimately, happier customers.

Business Turn-Arounds - It's easy for a business to get into trouble, especially in today's uncertain economy. Lenders are scared, customers are skittish, and employees are worried. We've been helping turn around troubled companies, product lines, and projects for over fifteen years. We may not have "seen it all", but we've certainly seen more than most!