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The Council For Small Business, Inc.Attorneys are experts in the law. We're experts in business. Our skilled contracts professionals have the skills and depth of experience to help you plan, negotiate and manage your contract operations better than any attorney!

Contract Reviews -We'll identify the business risks in the contracts you're asked to sign and help develop strategies to keep your business safe.

Negotiations -We've planned and negotiated sales and purchasing contracts for clients around the globe. Let us bring that experience to your next critical negotiation.

Template Contracts - Call us before you call your Attorney. Our library of off-the-shelf contract and business documents are "field tested" and ready for your next negotiation. starting with our template contracts will save you money!

Vendor Management -Using experience, structure and discipline, we'll make sure your vendors and sub-contractors perform to the same exacting standards that guide all the work you do! You'll have fewer problems, better relationships and, ultimately, happier customers.

Contracts Experience You Can Afford!