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"I've been running my own business for over twenty years. After eight hours with you, I'm looking at my business in a whole new way. How can we keep working together?" - Owner of a small business after completing a single 8 hour strategic planning sessions.

"...not only a pleasure to work with but his attention to detail and desire to help solve complex problems is wonderful...he is a valued resource." - Senior Agent at an insurance company.

"...a very proactive individual. He has strong skills as a Project Manager and is well versed in Contract Management, Procurement Processes and Negotiation.” - President of an international management consulting firm.

"...helped my business put together processes and procedures for following up with potential clients and proposals as well as planning project timelines. This has helped increase our closing ratio of our outstanding proposals but also has helped deliver projects timely and on budget." - Owner of small web design / development company.

"...Tom is great to work with...He looks into customer demands to understand the real business issues behind the demands. He understands operational issues, people issues as well as how to deal with procurement and management of vendor relationships." - CIO (Chief Information Officer) of a €3.2Billion microchip manufacturer speaking about one of our consultants.

"...an excellent motivator for a team effort and always enjoyable to work with. He knows his topic well and finds creative solutions to the problems put before him. - Director, Contract & Vendor Governance of a US manufacturer speaking about one of our consultants.