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The Council for Small Business offers a wide range of services to help small businesses understand their operations and run their businesses more effectively, more efficiently and more profitably.

Plan, Build and Keep Solid Customer Relationships. With over 25 years experience helping clients plan, build and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with their customers, we can help your company grow and keep good customers who understand and appreciate the value you bring to the table.

Repair Broken Relationships. Call us when you've got a difficult customer or a broken customer relationship. We've helped clients re-build relationships with customers who were ready to sue, turning their most toxic relationships into some of their most solid, most profitable customer relationships they have. We've done it for them, we can do it for you!

Find the right CRM Tools. With a deep background in technology development, we understand the benefits and the drawbacks of using today's powerful CRM tools. We can help you develop, implement and manage a CRM technology program tailored to meet your unique needs and those of your clients.