The Council for Small Business, Inc. helps small businesses survive and thrive by providing our clients with cost-effective, results-driven sales and business management services and products essential to their continued survival and growth. Specifically...

  • We will reduce the number of small business failures in each geographic market we enter by fifty percent (50%).

  • We will become recognized as the number one source for practical, usable, small business resources in every market we serve.

We are committed to helping small businesses well into the Twenty-second Century - and beyond, so stick around and watch us grow.


  • We are here to help small businesses, not get rich. If we cannot make a reasonable profit by putting others' success ahead of our own good, we will close down the business.

  • We are champions of and for the “little guys”, offering guidance, assistance and protection - particularly to businesses that are “lost” and unable to protect themselves.

  • We will strive at all times to act in a manner consistent with the “Golden Rule” and with the best Christian ideals.

  • We do not believe that “the Customer is Always Right”, but we do believe that the customer is always the customer and as such, is entitled to - and will be treated with - courtesy, respect and patience - even (particularly?) when they're wrong and we're tired and frustrated.

  • We will donate at least the first ten percent (10%) of CSB corporate net revenues to worthy causes which do work consistent with our Mission and Guiding Principles.

  • We will work to create an economic, moral / ethical, and social environment conducive to owning and successfully operating a small business.

  • We will make selling for & consulting to small business profitable enough and easy enough to attract & keep good salespeople & experienced business consultants.

  • We will strive to always provide cost-effective, results-driven sales and management services and business products.

  • We will provide fair and equitable business financing opportunities to viable start-up and existing small businesses.

The Council for Small Business, Inc.
"All We Do Is Sell For You!"
Orlando, FL USA.
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e-mail: info@Council4SmallBiz.com